170.23 SIGNS ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. It is unlawful for any person to paint, print, or in any way affix any picture, bill, sign, signboard, poster or advertising material on any post, utility pole, fire escape, hydrant, curb, sidewalk, tree, lamp post or other structure of any kind, or as to overhang or protrude over any property owned by the City or any easement of the City. No sign shall be located on or allowed to extend over public property except by permission of the City Council. The Monticello Police Department, Public Works Department, or other staff as designated by the City Administrator is hereby authorized and empowered to remove any such sign at the expense of the parties responsible for the erection of such signs. The face of any signage affixed to the face of a building shall be allowed to extend from the face of the building a distance of not to exceed twelve (12) inches.