City of Monticello, Iowa

Posted:  March 28, 2012 @ 11:00 P.M.


Meeting:         Monticello Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

Date/Time:     March 29, 2012 @ 5:30 P.M. 

Place:              Monticello Renaissance Center, 220 East First Street, Monticello, Iowa

Commissioner:                  Nick Sauser                                         Mayor:                                  Dena Himes

Commissioner:                  Pam Goettsch                                     City Administrator:          Douglas Herman

Commissioner:                  Robert “Bud” Johnson                     Deputy City Clerk:           Cheryl Clark

Commissioner:                  Diane Flannagan                              D. of Public Works:          Dana Edwards

Commissioner:                  Alice Shimanek                                 City Engineer:                    Patrick Schwickerath

City Council Liaison:       Dave Goedken                                   

*           Call to Order – 5:30 PM

*          Pledge of Allegiance

*          Roll Call

*          Agenda Addition/Agenda Approval

*          Approval of Minutes:  02/08/2012     

Open Forum: If you wish to address the Planning & Zoning Commission on subjects pertaining to today’s meeting agenda please wait until that item on the agenda is reached.  If you wish to address the Commission on an item not on the agenda, please be recognized by the chairman, approach the lectern, and give your name and address for the public record before discussing your item. 

Public Hearing:          None

Agenda Item


  1. Resolution to approve Willow Ridge 3rd Addition.


  1. Resolution to Consider proposed Zoning Change. (Property behind Fidelity Bank – Mercy Care – Monticello)


ADJOURNMENT    Pursuant to § 21.4(2) of the Code of Iowa, the City has the right to amend this agenda up until 24 hours before the posted meeting time.

Agenda Date: 02.08.12




“The City of Flags and Flowers”

Planning and Zoning Commission

Prepared By:  City Administrator Doug Herman







Attachments & Enclosures:


  1. Minutes of 02/08/12 Meeting                         3.  Re-Zoning Application (First)
  2. Snyder Letters Re: Willow Ridge 3rd                        4.  Aerial of Proposed Rezoning

3.         Willow Ridge 3rd Plat









  1. Willow Ridge 3rd Addition:    Bob Faust is anxious to move forward with the sale of lots in Willow Ridge 3rd Addition but before he may do so he needs to have the Final Plat reviewed by the P and Z and approved by the City Council.  As you will note from the attached letters from Snyder and Associates they have reviewed the Final Plat as well as the status of the Retention structure and based upon their review of same have recommended that the Final Plat be approved.  Diz will be performing the bacteria test of the water main noted in the Snyder letter and any final approval would be contingent upon an acceptable test result.  Also of note is Snyder’s opinion that the retention pond is also complete at least as it pertains to the current Addition.  When the street is next extended their will be additional work to be performed on the retention structure, with the approval of the next addition being dependent upon the prior completion of said improvements. 


Based upon the prior stance of the Council to not accept ownership or responsibility for the retention structure it will be my recommendation to the Council that upon final plat approval the Council specifically spell out the private nature of the retention structure and the responsibility of the adjacent lots, or adjacent lots and additional lots to be identified by the owner, to maintain the structure in a good working condition at all times.  The best scenario would be for restrictive covenants and/or an association to be in place providing for maintenance of the structure and potentially annual dues.  Plat approval by the City Council should clearly state and preserve the right of the City to access, inspect, repair and maintain the Retention Structure with the costs of same being assessed to the appropriate lots.  The improvements to be accepted and dedicated to the City include Lot “A”, the street, and the sewer, water, and storm sewer infrastructure associated therewith.

I recommend that the P and Z recommend the approval of the Final Plat of Willow Ridge 3rd Addition to the City Council with direction on the imposition of duties and responsibilities associated with the retention structure to adjacent property owners or adjacent property owners and other lots as deemed appropriate by the developer.

  1. Re-Zoning Request:  Phil First, owner of approximately 2.287 acres of property located generally behind Fidelity Bank and behind Dr. First’s practice has requested that the property zoning be changed from C-1 General Commercial to R-3 (Multi-Family).  R-3 specifically allows for permitted R-2 and R-1 uses as well.)  First, and others, propose to construct a series of zero lot line condominium units along a private cul de sac entering from Oak Street on the North.  The P and Z’s duty is to make an initial review of the proposed change and make a recommendation to the Council as to whether or not it appears to be an appropriate change.  Thereafter, the Council schedules a public hearing, accepts public comment, and considers the change by way of the presentation of an Ordinance which is normally subject to three readings.  The proposed property is probably, in my opinion, best suited as either C-1, present zoning, or R-3, proposed zoning.  A primary consideration is the mix of various property uses and the adjacency of those properties to one another.  In this case, if changed, we would have the least restrictive residential use, R-3, or to put it another way the closest to “Commercial” residential use next to existing commercial, on the east and west, some existing residential on the north, and R-4, manufactured residential housing to the South, across an abandoned railroad right of way.  Another consideration is whether or not this land is likely to be developed as commercial.  While one cannot foreclose such an option, this property is somewhat removed from a street, is likely to only be accessed by a private drive as a City Street would require so much right of way that there would not likely remain enough development ground to justify the expense of development, and it is not likely that another ingress or egress point will be established. (No more roads in or out.)  The P and Z may recommend that the change be made without restriction or that the change be approved with the condition that the change be tied to the presentation and approval of an acceptable plat that displays the proposed structures, lot dimensions, and private drive detail.

I believe that the proposed use of the property for single level, 1200 sf condo units with 2-car attached garages is a good use of this underdeveloped property and that the P and Z should recommend the approval of the proposed change to the City Council

P & Z should also consider potential change in zoning to adjacent two residential lots between the First property and Oak Street currently owned by the City of Monticello and the Monticello Development Corporation which would be purchased by developers as an access point to Oak Street should this project move forward.  I recommend that you propose the re-zoning of these lots as well, if you propose the re-zoning of the First property, should this development move forward.