Approving South Cedar Street Reconstruction Project
Change Order #3, in the amount of $25,659.90

WHEREAS, Horsfield Construction contracted with the city to perform the Reconstruction of South Cedar Street consistent with previously prepared plans and specifications, and

WHEREAS, During the course of the project it became apparent that certain ground conditions and other factors unable to be anticipated during the planning of the project would need to be dealt with, thereby causing additional material and labor costs, and

WHEREAS, The City Engineer, the Contractor, the Director of Public Works and the City Administrator were made award of these conditions, and subsequently the City Council was made aware of the allegations by way of a letter from the City Engineer, and

WHEREAS, The City Engineer recommended that the additional fill, and related measures, be taken, with City Staff in agreement, and with no objections from the Council upon subsequent explanation.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve Change Order #3 as presented in the amount of $25,659.90.