Resolution Scheduling the September 8, 2009 Regular Council meeting as date to

 formally consider going to bid on Public Safety Building

WHEREAS, the City Council has previously hired an Architect to prepare plans and specifications related to the proposed Public Safety Building to be located on South Street across from the Fire Department, and

WHEREAS, The City council also authorized the City Administrator to pursue grant funding from the USDA related to said project, said grant having been fully submitted, with a request for approximately 15% of the project cost, or $90,000 +/-, and

WHEREAS,  The USDA has not to date made a decision on the Grant Application, voicing their support for the project and a desire to fund it, but with some technical “paperwork” hang-ups at the federal level presently standing in the way of funding, and

WHEREAS, Although the Council is aware of the local USDA support, they also recognize that there is no guarantee of funding, no guaranteed funding amount, and no guaranteed time frame within which said decisions will be made, and

WHEREAS, While the Council believes that the receipt of the USDA grant may be necessary to make this project a reality, the Council is also conscious of the current market, the high interest of bidders, and low material costs, which may make the project feasible even without the USDA Grant.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby direct the City Administrator to include in the September 8, 2009 regular City Council meeting agenda the formal consideration of going to bid on the Monticello Emergency Response Center, a/k/a the Monticello Public Safety Building.