The City of Monticello, Iowa



Resolution to approve proposed site of Jones County Extension Building and Youth Development Center and general terms of agreement with regard to same.

WHEREAS, The City Council has been generally informed on a few occasions over the last year in regard to the planning and fundraising related to the Jones County Extension Youth Development Center intended to be built in City property adjacent to the Berndes Center, and

WHEREAS, The Monticello Park and Recreation Board has also been advised of and made abreast of the intentions of the committee planning this project, and has, after considering this issue at their meeting of November 8, 2010, determined it appropriate to recommend to the City Council that the site chosen and the project in general be supported by the City Council, subject to the following terms or consideration:

1. The building would be built in the general area proposed by the Committee, adjacent to and North of the Berndes Center.

2. The City playground would be moved at the sole expense of the committee / project to a location just north of the Goettsch Shelter.

3. That an agreement between the City and the “facility” require that any and all rentals of the new facility be split, 75% to the Extension / Facility and 25% to the Park and Rec. / Berndes Center.

4. That “Duane’s Shed” should be permitted to be demolished with the Committee / project appropriately compensating the City in an amount to be determined by the City Council and with the City taking steps to replace the lost storage, by either adding onto the Goettsch Shelter or by adding onto the Berndes Center.


WHEREAS, The City Administrator should be directed to further investigate the costs related to replacing the storage lost by the demolition of Duane’s Shed and report back to the Council, and should further prepare a draft Lease Agreement and Operations Agreement to be entered into by the Extension / Facility that would deal with and cover all aspects of the relationship by and between the City and the Extension / Facility to be considered by the Council, and

WHEREAS, The Council finds that this project, and the completion of the facility, will be a positive enhancement to the community and will have a positive economic impact to the community, and

WHEREAS, The Council finds that it should follow and accept the recommendations of the Park and Recreation Board.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa hereby approves of the continued planning for the Jones County Extension Youth Development Center and specifically permits the project planning to proceed with the understanding and agreement of the City Council that the facility will be constructed in the general location presently proposed, same being just to the North of the turn-around on the North side of the Berndes Center, with the further understanding that the City Administrator will prepare a draft agreement to include the terms and provisions outlined by the Park and Recreation Board as set out herein and other issues deemed important to carefully and appropriately identify the relationship between the City and the Extension / Facility; the Council further authorizes the City Administrator and the Mayor to execute letter(s) of support for this project for the use in the pursuit of grant funding or donations related to this project, and directs the City Administrator to acquire estimated costs and options related to the replacement of Duane’s shed, information related to the current value of Duane’s shed, and information related to potential budgetary line items or funds that could be used to otherwise support this project.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name and caused the Great Seal of the City of Monticello, Iowa to be affixed hereto. Done this 15th day of November, 2010.

Don “Ho” Miyagawa, Mayor


Sally Hinrichsen, Monticello City Clerk