Approving Final Report generated as a result of City of Monticello Goal Setting meeting held on January 29, 2010

WHEREAS, The Monticello City Council, Mayor, and a number of staff participated in what has become the “Annual Council Goal Setting”, and

WHEREAS, The Goal Setting process is initiated by the Mayor, City Council, and Department Heads completion of a questionnaire prior to the session, same being compiled for review during the session, and

WHEREAS, During the session, the results of the questionnaire are reviewed, with specific attention being paid to upcoming Capital Projects / Equipment Purchases and Significant Programs or Initiatives the Council would like to see purchased or implanted, as the case may be, and

WHEREAS, During the goal setting session the City Council casts “personal” votes for what they see as priorities for the coming year(s), those votes being tallied to create lists of priorities, on which staff is directed to take action with ongoing Council input, and

WHEREAS, After the session, the City Administrator compiles the data and information generated during the goal setting process, and prepares a final report for review and affirmation by the City Council, and

WHEREAS, The City Council has reviewed said final report, and finds it to be a complete and accurate recitation of the goal setting session and the goals and initiatives identified by the Council and that same should therefore be affirmed and approved.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve the Final Report related to the Goal Setting session held on January 29, 2010, and does hereby affirm that the goals, objectives, and initiatives identified therein, are in fact the goals, objectives, and initiatives identified by the City Council during said Goal Setting Session.