Resolution to waive portion of Barron Motor Supply Sewer bill.

WHEREAS, the City Council has determined that Barron Motor Supply experienced an unusually large water/sewer billing for the periods 1/13/2010 – 2/2/2010 and 2/2/2010 – 3/8/2010, and

WHEREAS, It has been reported, and verified, that the substantial increase in water usage by Barron’s was related to a water pipe break, and it was further determined that the water escaping from the pipe did not enter the sanitary sewer system, and was therefore not treated at the Monticello Sewage Treatment Facility, and

WHEREAS, Based upon the fact that the leaking water did not receive treatment at the sewage treatment facility, the Council finds it appropriate to waive that portion of the sewer billing that exceeds the normal and customary sewer usage by Barron, and

WHEREAS, The Council finds that the normal sewer usage billing for Barrons totals $7.68 per month, having been that amount during each month from Oct. 09 through Feb. 10, and finds, therefore, that all sewer billings in excess of said amounts should be credited to the Barron’s account, same totaling $773.42 plus all applicable tax.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby waive a portion of the Sewer portion of the Barron account, as described herein, in the amount of $773.42 plus all applicable tax.