Approving Wages for Grade III certified wastewater operators.

WHEREAS, The City of Monticello is required, by IDNR rules and regulations to have a certified Grade III wastewater operator at our sewage treatment plant, and

WHEREAS, The City has been without a Grade III operator since approximately June of 2008, and

WHEREAS, After discussion with the IDNR, an understanding was reached that the City would work with existing employees to have them certified as Grade III operators, and

WHEREAS, Employees Jim Tjaden and Jay Yanda have both acquired the required number of credits and have passed the Grade III certification exam, and

WHEREAS, Jim Tjaden has been with the City for a longer period than Jay Yanda, and for that reason is proposed to be the “operator in charge” at the sewage treatment plant with Jay Yanda continuing to perform functions at the facility consistent with his current job duties as well as those that go along with the Grade III certification, as needed, and

WHEREAS, The City is benefitted by having two Grade III Certified operators, as they are hard to come by, however, due to the scarcity of Grade III operators, their wages are well above those being paid to Grade II Certified operators, and

WHEREAS, The Council finds it appropriate to approve the wage scales reviewed and considered by a committee of three councilpersons, the City Administrator, the Director of Public Works, and the two Grade III operators as follows, same to be effective with the first payroll check issued in July 2010:

Grade III Certified Wastewater Operator holding “Operator in Charge” classification: $20.50 / hr.

Grade III Certified Wastewater Operator that is not the “Operator in Charge”
$19.50 / hr., and

WHEREAS, While there is benefit to having two Grade III Certified Operators, there is limited need or benefit to having three Grade III operators, and for that reason the above wages will only be applicable to the first two Grade III Certified operators employed by the City.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve of the wages for Grade III Certified Wastewater Operators as set forth within the body of this Resolution.