Resolution to authorize resubmission of Department of Justice COPS Grant Application.

WHEREAS, the City of Monticello Police Dpt., with the approval of the City Council previously submitted a “COPS” grant with the Dpt. of Justice, said grant application seeking funding for the hiring of a police officer by the DOJ program for a period of three years, with the City being responsible to keep the officer for a fourth year at City cost, and with the commitment to not reduce the existing force level upon a successful grant application, and

WHEREAS, the original grant application was unsuccessful, however, the Dpt. has learned that there is new funding for the program, and the Dpt. can supply updated information to the DOJ for renewed consideration of the Dpt.’s Application, and

WHEREAS, The Council recognizes that the Grant Application includes a certification of sorts, indicating that in the event of a successful application the City will follow through on the hiring, and

WHEREAS, the Dpt. just received notice of the available funding, and there is not another City Council meeting scheduled between now and the grant submission deadline.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve of the finalization and resubmission of the Dpt. of Justice COPS Grant Application, and authorizes the Mayor to execute the same on behalf of the City Council.