The City Council of the City of Monticello, Iowa, a municipality organized and existing under the laws of the State of Iowa, met in regular session at the City Council Chambers, Monticello, Iowa, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the 21st day of June, 2010.
Whereupon, the Mayor declared the following Resolution duly adopted. A Resolution entitled reporting all employees wages for calendar year ending December 31, 2009.

Matthew R. Abeling 51.00 Pool
Jeffrey D. Ahlrichs 34581.44 Sanitation
Kellie J. Arduser 323.38 Ambulance
Aleen S. Austin 527.75 Pool
William J. Bartachek 45117.38 Ambulance
Tamera L. Bartram 35621.28 MBC
Danielle M. Behrends 389.81 Pool
Jennifer B. Behrends 926.80 Pool
Chris M. Bell 715.01 Ambulance
Blair L. Benz 6174.09 Library
Patricia A. Besler 167.51 Ambulance
Allen M. Boheman 687.00 Pool
Hailee M. Bossard 4462.48 Pool/MBC
Emilee A. Boyd 621.54 Pool
Roger N. Brighton 2678.26 Ambulance
Brian P. Bronemann 1527.39 Ambulance
Kelly A. Bush 36.25 Ambulance
Lee A. Bush 58.00 Ambulance
Dustin P. Chapman 4586.70 Sanitation
Mark W. Cigrand 41811.51 Streets
Brooke M. Clark 539.02 Pool
Cheryl M. Clark 34037.75 Clerk’s Office
Lori M. Davidson 22361.30 Ambulance
Andrea L. Davis 1185.64 Pool
Ashley A. Davis 1620.69 Pool
Christina L. Dawson 42002.63 Ambulance
Derek J. Denniston 3699.50 Police
Nancy L. Digmann 33216.30 Library
William A. Dingbaum 151.89 Ambulance
Nicholas K. Eastburn 373.50 Pool
Jean Ebert 8625.63 Library
Dana A. Edwards 53575.05 Public Works
Ryan A. Evans 55477.20 Police
Stephen D. Fasnacht 1131.76 Ambulance
Molly M. First 898.35 Pool
Whitney L. Fortman 2543.64 Pool
Taylor L. Gesie 316.99 Pool
Dawn M. Graver 44816.12 Police
Douglas D. Herman 85167.32 City Admin.
Tracy L. Hermsen 226.60 Pool
Dena G. Himes 1200.00 Council
Kayla L. Hinrichs 1335.25 Pool
Jacob L. Hinrichsen 982.37 Pool
Sally M. Hinrichsen 53968.75 Clerk’s Office
Russell J. Hodge 1200.00 Council
Lyle A. Holub 13928.12 City Hall/MBC/Lib
Christopher S. Hucker 543.64 Ambulance
Daniel J. Jacobs 43226.58 Police
Dillon A. Jamison 266.53 Pool
Harvey C. Johnson 683.13 Ambulance
Nicholas L. Kahler 34872.83 Water/Sewer
Ronald J. Kelchen 720.00 Fire
Brady J. Kennebeck 598.50 Pool
John D. Klein 6044.75 Police
Kaci S. Kromminga 1147.45 Pool
Karson S. Kromminga 869.27 Pool
Taryn K. Kromminga 930.00 Pool
Dwayne J. Krumviede 435.01 Ambulance
Kayla A. Kurt 287.44 Pool
Mary A. Lacy 40007.64 Ambulance
Lauren R. LaFave 231.00 Pool
Kevin M. Lee 4009.76 Ambulance
Matthew T. Lee 2757.86 Pool
Matthew W. Leytem 125.00 Ambulance
Katherine M. Lightner 303.85 Pool
Kristin M. Luckstead 892.85 Pool
James J. Luensman 1600.20 Ambulance
Christina M. Lux 230.26 Ambulance
Timothy J. Malchow 60.00 Police
Timothy J. Malchow 48778.08 Ambulance
Jade E. Manternach 920.57 Pool
Trevor L. Martensen 1320.00 Police
Donald P. McCarthy 1200.00 Fire
Morgan E. McCarthy 694.35 Pool
Daniel J. McDonald 35350.96 Cemetery/Streets
Dillon M. McGreal 372.00 Pool
Patrick J. McGreal 155.00 Pool
Travis J. McNally 295.00 Ambulance
David B. McNeill 2794.01 Ambulance
Gregg L. Merfeld 1200.00 Council
Peggy M. Merfeld 32758.14 Police/Local Access
Chelsea M. Meyers 1340.89 Pool
Sarah L. Miles 629.30 Pool
Donald T. Miyagawa 3600.00 Mayor
Antoinette C. Muller 10997.56 Library
Gerald J. Muller 1200.00 Council
Ronald J. Newland 1200.00 Council
Diane M. Nordmann 216.13 Ambulance
Billy J. Norton 37745.14 Streets
Valerie L. Paulsen 351.76 Pool
Kyle J. Peters 710.40 Sanitation
Timothy J. Peters 4386.25 Sanitation
Jeffrey A. Plummer 2365.86 Pool/MBC
Laura L. Porter 1625.81 Library
Corey D. Roberts 40766.36 Police
Micah E. Roberts 1290.00 Police
Dan J. Savolt 25349.68 Ambulance
Britt D. Smith 49528.52 Police
Quincy J. Sproston 119.45 Pool
Kevin R. Steele 3513.25 Police
Rebecca M. Steinbron 28930.88 Ambulance
Callie L. Sternhagen 32.25 Ambulance
Crystal K. Sternhagen 642.76 Ambulance
Mark L. Stoneking 1500.00 Fire
Benjamin R. Stutt 316.73 Pool
Brenda K. McTaggart-Surom 20420.58 Ambulance
Brian J. Tate 44760.39 Police
Christopher M. Taylor 20173.38 Sanitation
Masten J. Thompson 427.46 Pool
David R. Titman 14654.31 Water/Sewer
James D. Tjaden 37147.61 Water/Sewer

Lydia F. Tucker 450.64 Pool
Nanci R. Tuel 25605.31 Clerk’s Office
Michelle L. Turnis 14615.37 Library
Robert M. Urbain 1973.63 Police
Anthony J. Weir 6412.50 MBC
Kellie M. Welsch 353.11 Pool
John J. Welter 1200.00 Council
Thomas N. Welter 3758.20 MBC
Jordan A. Williams 3367.63 Sanitation
Mike J. Wink 1200.00 Fire
Anastasia L. Wolf 1687.90 Pool
Heidi M. Wolf 1181.89 Pool
Jay M. Yanda 37254.21 Water/Sewer
Holly S. Yousse 659.76 MBC
Kendall N. Yousse 171.25 Pool
Wayne A. Yousse 39032.74 Streets
Nicole M. Zirkelbach 1340.32 Pool

This resolution passed and approved this 21st day of June, 2010.