Resolution authorizing Interim Police Chief Salary and Duties, and providing further direction with regard to reporting responsibilities.

WHEREAS, The City Council has appointed Sergeant Britt Smith to serve as Interim Chief of Police, effective June 7, 2010, and

WHEREAS, The City Council directed that a committee of the Council and Mayor meet with Sgt. Smith and the City Administrator prior to this meeting to develop recommendations for the Council to consider tonight, and

WHEREAS, The committee has met, and as a result of that meeting recommends that The Interim Chief’s salary be set at $52,000 per year, to be retroactive to June 7, 2010, and

WHEREAS, The duties of the Interim Chief would include all those that Sgt. Smith previously held, including the performance of patrol and investigative work, in addition to the additional duties related to the Chief’s position, and

WHEREAS, The committee also discussed the reporting responsibilities of the Chief, and reviewed City Ordinances related to the Mayor, Council, City Administrator, and Police Chief, and

WHEREAS, The Council finds that the reporting responsibilities of the Chief of Police should be further discussed by the Interim Chief and the City Administrator, and that a proposal or draft of recommendations should be developed by the Chief and City Administrator for further Council consideration, and further finds that this draft should be prepared for consideration by the 2nd regular City Council meeting in July, and

WHEREAS, The committee also recommends that the City not immediately pursue applicants for the Chief of Police position, and that the performance of the Interim Chief, and the general operations of the Department be evaluated ninety (90) days after his initial appointment, with further action on the hiring of a permanent chief to be considered at that time.