4.04    CIVIL CITATIONS.  Any officer authorized by the City to enforce this Code of Ordinances may issue a civil citation to a person who commits a municipal infraction.  The citation may be served by personal service as provided in Rule of Civil Procedure 56.1, by certified mail addressed to the defendant at defendant’s last known mailing address, return receipt requested, or by publication in the manner as provided in Rule of Civil Procedure 60 and subject to the conditions of Rule of Civil Procedure 60.1.  A copy of the citation shall be retained by the issuing officer, and two copies shall be sent to the Clerk of the District Court.  The citation shall serve as notification that a civil offense has been committed and shall contain the following information:

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.22 [4])


1.         The name and address of the defendant.

2.         The name or description of the infraction attested to by the officer issuing the citation.

3.         The location and time of the infraction.

4.         The amount of civil penalty to be assessed or the alternative relief sought, or both.

5.         The manner, location, and time in which the penalty may be paid.

6.         The time and place of court appearance.

7.         The penalty for failure to appear in court.