To approve Request of Richard Drake for City to share in concrete costs related to sewer service line replacement

WHEREAS, the City of Monticello, Iowa is an incorporated City within Jones County, Iowa; and

WHEREAS, the sanitary sewer service line attached to the Richard Drake home was damaged by a subcontractor on the Cedar Street project, and

WHEREAS, the aforementioned subcontractor paid all costs related to the repair of said damage, including the cost of street repairs, and

WHEREAS, the Drakes decided to replace the balance of their sanitary sewer line which crossed under the balance of the street connecting to the sewer main on the other side of the street, said replacement not being necessitated by the damage to their line caused by the subcontractor, and

WHEREAS, based upon the Drake’s request to the Council, the Council finds that it is appropriate to share in the Drake’s service line replacement project.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve of the City sharing in the cost of the Drake sanitary sewer service line replacement in the amount of $__________ and does hereby direct the City Clerk to pay said sum to the Drake’s upon evidence from the Drake’s that said amount is equal to ½ of the concrete costs related to the service line replacement.