Awarding contract for the construction of the Monticello
Public Safety Emergency Response Center


WHEREAS, pursuant to notice duly published in the manner and form prescribed by Resolution of this Council and as required by law, bids and proposals were received by this Council for the construction of the Monticello Public Safety Emergency Response Center, same having been opened on Wednesday September 16 at 2:00 p.m. as required by the applicable notices, and

WHEREAS, all of the said bids and proposals have been carefully considered, and it is necessary and advisable that provision be made for the award of the contract for the Project.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Monticello, through its’ City Council, in session this 21st day of September 2009, as follows:

That the bid submitted by the following contractor is fully responsive to the plans and specifications for the Project, heretofore approved by the Council, and is the lowest responsible bid received, such bid being as follows:

Name and Address of Contractor Amount of Bid
Porter and Porter Construction, LLC $789,100 $29,700 $4,565
1728 Grant Ave.
Independence, Iowa 50644

That the Contract for the project is hereby awarded to such contractor in the amount of the base bid in the amount of $789,100. The Council chooses not to award Bid Alternate #1 and #2. The items and/or work identified within the bid alternates will be reviewed and considered by the Ambulance Director and Police Chief, with recommendations in regard to what action, if any, should be taken to address those items and/or work, outside of this contract. The award is subject to the contractor’s compliance with the notice of hearing and letting,, plans and specifications and the terms of the bidder’s written proposal, and further subject to the subsequent approval by the Council of the Contractual documents with the contractor. A copy of the bid tabulation is attached to this Resolution for reference.

The Mayor and the City Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to enter into a written contract with said contractor, Porter and Porter Construction, LLC, said contract to not be binding until approved by Resolution of this Council.

The amount of the Contractor’s performance and/ or payment bond is hereby fixed and determined to be 100% of the amount of the Contract.

The project architect is hereby directed to secure execution by the lowest responsible, responsive bidder, Porter and Porter Construction, LLC, and its surety of the contract documents in the form heretofore approved by the City of Monticello; the Project Architect is directed to thereafter submit said contract documents to the City of Monticello, Iowa for approval and execution by the Mayor, with the acknowledgement and understanding that the contract shall not be binding upon the City of Monticello or Porter and Porter Construction, LLC, until said contract has been fully executed by the both parties.