Approving Cost Share on Storm Water Project to be performed on property owned by Gary Wernimont along section of 6th Street ditch adjacent to Gill Street


WHEREAS, The City of Monticello is interested and desirous of taking steps to alleviate flooding concerns within the City of Monticello, and

WHEREAS, the City of Monticello previously enacted a storm water management Ordinance, collecting fees to apply and use for storm water related projects, including the possible use of same as a cost share, not to exceed 50/50 with private owners that wish to perform storm water management projects, and

WHEREAS, Gary Wernimont owns property along Gill Street that includes a section of the 6th Street Ditch, and he requested that the City share in his expense to perform certain repairs and/or maintenance of the section of ditch running through his property, and

WHEREAS, the City Council previously approved the expenditure of a sum not to exceed $250.00 towards Gary Wernimont’s project, and

WHEREAS, Gary Wernimont, once he got into the planned project, expanded the scope of the project, performing broader repairs and maintenance that first planned, expending and/or incurring costs in the neighborhood of $1,201.30, and

WHEREAS, Gary Wernimont requests that the City increase its’ contribution to his project, to a sum equal to one-half of the project costs, or approximately $600.00.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Monticello, in session this 21st day of December 2009, that the City Council does hereby agree to reimburse Gary Wernimont the total sum of $600.00, which shall include the sum of $250.00 approved by Resolution #09-131, as the City of Monticello contribution towards said storm water management project.