Resolution to approve Agreement Re: Yeoman Site Plan and improvements.

WHEREAS, Tom Yeoman is in the process of erecting a steel frame building to be used for warehousing purposes on land he owns along Valley Drive, same being appropriately zoned M-1, and

WHEREAS, The City Planning and Zoning Board has reviewed the site plan prepared at Mr. Yeoman’s request, same setting out the desired pavement areas, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Yeoman requested that the Council provide him a five (5) year opportunity to pave any required areas in order to give the ground an opportunity to settle, allowing the concrete to be poured a better and longer life, and further requested that the parking stalls shown by the site plan be waived as the building will be used for warehousing purposes and there will be no parking of vehicles in and or around the building with that planned use, and

WHEREAS, The Planning and Zoning Board considered the requests of Mr. Yeoman, and after discussion and consideration of same made the following recommendation to the City Council:

1. That Mr. Yeoman be given three years from the issuance of the occupancy permit to complete the paving.
2. That, in the event of the sale of the building all paving must first be completed.
3. That any change of use, from warehousing to any other permitted use, would require a re-analysis of the paving and parking needs by the P & Z and the Council, with the further understanding that the required paving would be required before the new use would be permitted to begin.
4. That the apron, same being the area between the back of curb on Valley Drive to the ROW line to the East would need to be paved before an occupancy permit would be issued for the building. The width of the apron must be presented to the City Engineer prior to installation for their approval.


WHEREAS, The City Council has considered the request of Mr. Yeoman, and the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Board, and finds that the recommendations of the P & Z are not unreasonable and that same should be approved at this time.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve of the recommendations of the Planning and Zoning Board with regard to the Yeoman site plan and driveway and parking improvements as proposed therein, and directs the City Administrator to prepare a written agreement to that affect for Mr. Yeoman to sign, acknowledging his understanding of the obligations placed upon him to meet the terms of this Resolution as approved by the City Council on this date.