Approving and authorizing cost share with Jones County to hire “Pictometry” to re-fly Jones County to obtain new data associated with flooding and changes
to areas impacted by flooding.

WHEREAS, The City of Monticello and adjacent areas have suffered severe recent flooding, and

WHEREAS, The City and the County have been photographed / measured by Pictometry in 2009 and to collect the same data now, post-flood, would allow us a valuable opportunity to compare pre-flood and post-flood data, seamlessly using said data with our GIS database and possibly including LIDAR elevation measurements as well, all being important to a clear and complete analysis of the flooding that has occurred, and

WHEREAS, It is highly likely, from past FEMA practices, that the City and County will be reimbursed for this expense, but it is not possible to wait for pre approval as the data must be collected in close proximity to the flood event to obtain good and useful data, and

WHEREAS, “Pictometry” will be flying areas in Delaware County, and for that reason will have people and equipment in the area and will be able to fly Jones County at a lesser than normal rate, and

WHEREAS, The cost of new data collection and distribution is $11,968, and would be split $5,984.00 to the City and the County.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of Monticello, Iowa, that the Mayor is directed to sign an agreement with Pictometry, authorizing the work to proceed with the understanding that the City and County will share equally in the costs. The City Administrator is directed to seek reimbursement for the City investment from FEMA.