Setting Date for Public Hearing on Designation of the Expanded Monticello Urban Renewal Area.

WHEREAS, this Council by resolution previously created the Monticello Urban Renewal Area (the “Urban Renewal Area”); and

WHEREAS, a proposal has been made which shows the desirability of expanding the Urban Renewal Area to add and include all the property within the legal description set out in Exhibit A; and

WHEREAS, this Council is desirous of obtaining as much information as possible from the residents of the City before making this decision and it is now necessary that a date be set for a public hearing on the designation of the expanded area.;

NOW, THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the City Council of the City of Monticello, Iowa, as follows:

Section 1. This Council will meet at the Mary Lovell LeVan, Monticello Renaissance Center, Community Media Center, 220 East First Street, Monticello, Iowa, on the 4th day of October, 2010, at 6:00 o’clock p.m., at which time and place it will hold a public hearing on the designation of the expanded Urban Renewal Area described in the preamble hereof.

Section 2. The City Clerk shall publish notice of said hearing, the same being in the form attached hereto, which publication shall be made in a legal newspaper of general circulation in Monticello, which publication shall be not less than four (4) nor more than twenty (20) days before the date set for hearing.

Section 3. Pursuant to Section 403.5 of the Code of Iowa, the City Clerk and the City Administrator are hereby designated as the City’s representatives in connection with the consultation process which is required under that section of the urban renewal law.

Section 4. The proposed urban renewal plan amendment is hereby submitted to the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission for review and recommendations, as required by Section 403.5, Code of Iowa.

Passed and approved September 7, 2010.

Don “Ho” Miyagawa, Mayor


Sally Hinrichsen, City Clerk