To Make Appointment to fill vacant City Council Seat for Ward III, and directing the City Clerk to see to the publishing of the notice of said appointment
as required by law.

WHEREAS, The City of Monticello, Iowa is an incorporated City within Jones County, Iowa; and

WHEREAS, Councilman Russell Hodge moved from Ward III bringing about his resignation as Councilman for said Ward, and

WHEREAS, The City Council finds it appropriate to appoint an interested citizen from Ward III to fill said seat, and

WHEREAS, The Council takes note of the fact, as advised by the City Clerk, that the City Councils have when faced with this situation in the past normally filled the seat by appointment, thereby avoiding the cost of an election that may be unnecessary and also filling the seat so as to not be one council member short for an extended period of time, and

WHEREAS, The following notice shall be published in the Monticello Express as required by law:

Pursuant to Iowa Code section 372.13(2)(a) the Monticello City Council has filled the Ward 3 council member vacancy by appointment at its Regular City Council meeting of May 26, 2010. Under this code section the electors of Ward 3 in the City of Monticello have the right to file a petition requesting the vacancy be filled by election. The petition must contain the signatures and addresses of at least 20 eligible electors of Ward 3 in the City of Monticello, and be filed with the City Clerk no later than fourteen (14) days after the date of this publication. If such petition is filed as prescribed by Iowa law, the appointment shall be temporary until the results of the special election are canvassed, and the successful candidate is duly qualified.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby plans to make an appointment to fill the vacant Ward III Council Seat and further directs the City Clerk to see to the publishing of the required legal notice as previously set forth herein.