Approving Storm Water Management cost share between City of Monticello and Gary Hughes, and directing City Administrator to work with Gary Hughes to develop written agreement memorializing the parties’ agreement
consistent herewith


WHEREAS, The City of Monticello previously enacted a storm water management ordinance to be used by the City for City storm water related purposes, and/or to be used as a cost share with private property owners on storm water related projects, and

WHEREAS, The City Ordinance provides that the City contribution in a private project may not exceed 50% of that project cost, and

WHEREAS, Gary Hughes has submitted an Application that requests City cost share related to the installation of culverts and fill in the ditch along Birch Street in front of his property located at 901 N. Birch Street, extending from the north end of the culvert under Meade Farm Lane to the south end of the culvert under the driveway to the Hughes Garage, and

WHEREAS, Based upon the review of Gary’s application, and a review of estimated costs prepared by B & J Excavating, it appears that the estimated project costs are within acceptable standards, and

WHEREAS, The Council finds that the project as proposed is an appropriate project for the City to participate in under the storm water management ordinance, and further finds that the City should share in said project as follows:

1). 50% of proposed project costs, not
Including costs associated with gravel
for driveway entrance:
$12,063.30 – $1,237.50 = $10,826.00 / 2 = $5,413.00


WHEREAS, the above contribution will be conditioned on Gary Hughes agreeing to the additional conditions:

1). The old home sitting in front of Gary’s building must be demolished and removed with the ground leveled and seeded.

2). A concrete apron must be installed along any driveway entrance to Birch Street. It must extend from the back of curb to the property line and must be at least 12’ wide.

3). The direction of the Council, as set out herein, shall be incorporated into an agreement between the City and Gary Hughes, setting out each other’s obligations, and terms/provisions, as to how said obligations will be met, said agreement to be brought back to the City Council for final approval.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Monticello, through its’ City Council, in session this 21st day of June 2010, does hereby approve Gary Hughes’ Application for Cost Share under the City of Monticello Code of Ordinances, and directs the City Administrator to prepare an agreement between Gary Hughes and the City of Monticello, incorporating therein the terms set out within this Resolution, specifically those set out in the paragraphs enumerated (1) – (3) within the body of the Resolution, in addition to other miscellaneous ministerial terms and provisions related to the management of the agreement, such as timing of payments, evidence of improvements being complete, etc., and to thereafter bring said agreement to the City Council for final approval.