Approving payment of MAC Concrete Construction invoice related to Alleyway repairs between Elm Street and S. Main Street.

WHEREAS, MAC Concrete Construction, in conjunction with Affordable Concrete, were awarded a competitive bid to repair section of the alleyway between Elm Street and S. Main Street, and

WHEREAS, During the course of the project additional work related thereto was identified by the contractor and the PW Director, and said additional work was added to the project scope of work to be billed at the same rates as submitted by the contractor in their competitive bid, and

WHEREAS, The project as modified was satisfactorily completed, and a request for payment has been received by the City in the amount of $22,259.23, and

WHEREAS, The PW Director has reviewed the invoice and recommends that same be approved for payment, and

WHEREAS, The Council acknowledges its’ understanding that a small portion of Kelly’s Country Oven parking lot and sidewalk was repaired and that an invoice for the cost related to those repairs will be calculated and forwarded to Kelly’s by City Staff for payment.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve and authorize payment to MAC Concrete Construction in the amount of $22,259.23.