Approving Purchase of Phone System for the Public Safety Building – ERC

WHEREAS, The City of Monticello, Iowa is an incorporated City within Jones County, Iowa; and

WHEREAS, The Monticello City Council has previously approved of the construction of a Public Safety Building – ERC, and is nearing completion of construction, and

WHEREAS, The project specifications did not include a phone system, that decision intentionally left out of the plans for review and consideration by the City as the project progressed, and

WHEREAS, The Ambulance Director has investigated various phone systems, and has obtained the following four bids:

Integrated Technology Partners $ 6,971.66 Base Bid
Alpine Communications (Elkader) $10,202.09 Base Bid
Business Telephone Supply $ 8,725.00 Base Bid
Northeast Iowa Telephone (Manchester) $12,895.00 Base Bid


WHEREAS, The Ambulance Director wishes to investigate whether REM Electric is interested in bidding on the phone system, and in furtherance of that objective, without causing delay in moving forward, would request that the Council authorize and approve of the purchase of the phone system through ITP unless a bid is received from REM Electric on a comparable system as that bid by ITP and the other higher bidders, at a lower bid price.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this City Council of Monticello, Iowa does hereby approve the agreement for Communication Services previously mentioned herein, and does hereby authorize the Ambulance Director to enter into an agreement to purchase the phone system for the Public Safety Building – ERC through Integrated Technology Partners (ITP) with the Ambulance Director being given discretion to instead award the bid to REM Electric of Monticello, Iowa, if they choose to submit a timely bid for the same quality and type of equipment at a lower cost.